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Insuring homes and properties you own isn’t always as simple as is made out. Every property is different, so it makes sense that policies should be, too.


However, many online price comparison sites will offer generic insurance with some basic features without considering the specific features of your home. If something happens which damages those features, such a policy wouldn’t protect you. That’s why getting an accurate home insurance policy is best served with a bespoke policy built from the ground up.


At J. L. Bailey, we will look at the finer details of your home to gather all the information we need. We look at every angle to make sure every possibility is considered. We can even come to your home to get a true sense and understanding of your property.

Woman reading in her house which has home insurance from J. L. Bailey Insurance Brokers in Keighley, West Yorkshire.

Policy benefits

Cover against fire and floods

Protect contents and personal possessions

Cover theft and damage caused by theft

Lots of unexpected things can happen when it comes to your home and there’s a lot at stake. Using an extensive panel of insurers, we’ll match the right policy with the right price to make sure you’re happy, stress-free and secure with your choice.


Your Policy

In your policy, we can cover;

  • Buildings, outbuildings, and permanent structures
  • Contents and personal possessions
  • Fire, flood, storm and other weather-related issues
  • Theft and damage caused by theft
  • Accidental damage
  • Standard home or portfolio of properties
  • High-value goods


Incidents can happen anytime. That’s why we’re always at hand to help and work flexibly to ensure you have genuine support and advice.


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